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Billboard Shares Exclusive Details About the New Album!

Jul 21 | Posted by: Kevin Fowler

Kevin Fowler Talks Ironic 'Sellout Song' Success & Conformity In Mainstream Country Music

by Elias Leight

For listeners distressed about the state of modern country music, Kevin Fowler may have the antidote: his single "Sellout Song" humorously skewers a number of tropes easily spotted in the genre's mainstream. Fowler conjures a fictional No. 1 hit, commanding listeners to "put your hands up in the air" before landing a rhetorical left hook: "The lyrics suck, hey, no one really cares." Later he adds, "Don't think too much about what the words mean/ Just focus on the backside of my skinny jeans."

Check out the full article here. 

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